Just a bunch of rag-tag city kids tired of getting kicked around by our property managers. We're tired of the rodents, tired of the screened phone calls, & tired of the cold winters with no heat. Not to mention the cold showers. We needed a better way to communicate with our managers - a way where we knew they heard us.

But, we just so happen to be former property managers too. I know, I know, shame on us. But we get it - it ain't easy being a manager in a city. Broken pipes, cruel residents, late payments (that become very, very late). We know your pain and we're here to help. 

Can't we all just get along? Using Bixby, we hope we can.

As a property manager, Bixby has made my tenants happier and my life easier. I can keep track of maintenance requests and make sure my people fix them sooner. Tenants are always up-to-date on building announcements and collecting rent is a breeze. I couldn’t imagine a better solution for property managers large and small.
— Angelo Gullo, Empire Management, NYC



  • Bixby is a simple, easy-to-use application. If you can send a text, you can use Bixby.
  • The average Bixby property manager receives 50% less phone calls and texts per month & boasts a request response rate of 100%.
  • Save money and time. No more rent checks in the mail. Simple and secure deposit to your bank account.
  • Improve your reputation & beat out the competition by adding a valuable virtual amenity to your building.


  • Always be up-to-date on building-related announcements.
  • No more voicemails, texts, and scheduling conflicts for repairs.
  • No more rent checks! No more envelopes! No more stamps!
  • Document all building-related interaction in case of lost packages or unanswered requests.
  • Free to use. No strings attached.
  • Use Bixby's trusted & vetted home-services partners to complete any home-related chore or task.